Givsly Helps You Turn Business Into Social Impact.

As companies move forward with a hybrid workforce it is clear that the way we do business has evolved. Givsly’s suite of services are designed to help you form meaningful business connections while giving back to causes important to professionals. Whether you are looking to connect for the first time or experience unique events to form deeper relationships, Givsly has solutions for you. Since 2019, Givsly has generated over half a million dollars in donations to nonprofits through their client’s modern thinking and generosity. In 2021, Givsly set the bar higher with a goal to redirect $1 million in donations back to nonprofits through their services.

Givsly Platform

The Givsly Platform is a business connections platform that allows professionals to easily form meaningful connections while supporting causes they care about. By utilizing the Givsly platform, members discover the most efficient and purposeful way of connecting in business. No matter what the objective, Givsly makes connecting for business quick, easy and impactful.

Givsly Impact Extension

Givsly’s Impact Extension is a premium business connections service that gives you access to a dedicated Givsly team to facilitate meaingful connections that give back. Impact Extension partners provide business prospects they are looking to meet with outside of the Givsly Platform and Givsly’s Impact Extension team makes the business introductions. For each meeting that is set, Givsly will make a nonprofit donation on behalf of their partner.

Givsly Experiences

Givsly Experiences are turnkey volunteer and thought leadership programs that help you deepen client relationships on the basis of shared community values. Using marketing budgets for client entertainment or sponsorships, these experiences provide an opportunity to experience meaningful events that drive business results.