Givsly Experiences

Givsly Experiences are designed to help you form deeper client relationships and meet your business objectives through supporting causes important to your partners. With Givsly’s unique social impact approach, our experiences engage your clients at every step of the sales funnel. Whether you are looking to grow a new relationship, deepen an existing partnership or show client appreciation, Givsly Experiences deliver while helping the community. Givsly has a curated list of exclusive industry experiences you can choose from based on your business objectives or you can create a custom experience that meets your specific needs.

Two Ways to Join Givsly Experiences

Exclusive Experiences
Givsly offers a wide range of curated experiences that provide a space to create meaningful business connections on a foundation of giving back. Sponsorship opportunities are available to join your agency and brand partners in unique thought leadership and volunteering experiences that support causes they support. Select from our exclusive list of expeiences to see for yourself how you can drive positive business results for your organization when you connect with partners in a more purpose driven way.

Custom Experiences
In addition to our current list of exclusive experiences, Givsly provides custom experience opportunities to hit a specific KPI for business and cause. Through our vast nonprofit network and dedicated virtual and in-person expert team we can create any type of individual experience that hits your goals and helps the community. From a 600 in-person sales conference volunteer opportunity to a 10 week virtual client engagement experience, Givsly can get it done.

Givsly Exclusive Experiences

The Givsly Monthly Cause Calendar is an exclusive opportunity to partner with agencies and connect in a unique way that brings awareness to causes important to our industry. These experiences provide an exclusive touchpoint for you to show your agency partners that you share in their values and support giving back through business. Each monthly cause experience provides multiple touch points to connect you deeper within an agency partner through your generosity and commitment to the cause. From volunteering side by side to joining thought leadership discussions that elevate important conversations, the Givsly Monthly Cause Calendar will drive results not only for your relationships but for community.

The Givsly5 Pledge is a turn-key event series that creates a socially responsible community to form deeper working relationships and help companies prioritize social good. By targeting a 5% shift in entertainment budgets, Givsly5 allows you to interact with clients and give back in new ways with budgets you already have. Operating quarterly and virtually in 2021, Givsly5 is the easiest way to stand out to your partners while deepening relationships on the basis of giving back.

The Givsly and SuitUp Summer Boot Camp aims to educate over 2,500 students this Summer to help diversify the future of our industry. This campaign strives to diversify the Advertising and Marketing Industry by educating underserved students on marketing and media, one business competition at a time. Join companies like Fox, Dentsu, Initiative, Vistarmedia and more that are making a difference for the future of our industry.

Givsly’s Season Without Swag Givsly is proud to reintroduce Season Without Swag, an initiative to redirect holiday gift budgets and donate them to nonprofit organizations in need. Launched in 2020, this movement was designed to swap out duplicative gifts during the holiday season and focus on more meaingful decisions that will impact community. With the support of 14 industry executives, 9 agency partners and 22 companies donating in the inaugural year, Season Without Swag donated $341,661 back to communities in 2020. This year, the advertising industry will have the opportunity to visit the signature Givsly Season without Swag Store and donate directly to to the charity that means the most to them. And, with more ways than ever to promote your company’s focus on making an impact, your employees and favored customers will be sure to thank you.

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