We create social impact for busy professionals through the time and resources that they already have.

About the company

Givsly is a for-purpose company built around the belief that as the world around us evolves, so should our options to create social impact. While business professionals juggle many day-to-day tasks, creating social impact should not be perceived as an additional burden. Instead, we strive to develop new ways of creating impact by thinking differently about how your current everyday tasks and resources can give back.
Givsly introduces a whole new portfolio of ways for individuals to do business, while doing good. Our core social impact products are:
Givsly – A social good platform that allows busy professionals the option to create social impact by volunteering a business meeting in exchange for a donation to a nonprofit that they care about.
Givsly Experiences – A variety of different turn-key experiences for companies looking to utilize current marketing and entertainment budgets for more purpose led interaction.

Our Vision

To Do Good Business

Our Mission

To inspire and develop new ways professionals can create social impact through the resources they already have.

Our Values

What our social impact innovators are saying

  • “Social purpose is more than just words. It’s about how a brand innovates in meaningful ways to make lives better. It’s ideas and actions. It’s initiative and participation. But everything has to be measurable and accountable in order to drive meaningful social impact in a way that also strengthens the brand in the consumer’s mind.”
    Bessie Lee, Founder at WithinLink
  • “As CEO of Transparent Partners, I see first hand how my employees and peers are pursuing their passions around improving the human condition through proactive education, community involvement and unique health related experiences. Additionally, as the vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Brain Tumor Association, and 8-year survivor of a brain tumor, I feel humbled by the support from my company and peers who embrace the values of their organizational cultures to support an underrepresented cause.”
    Brandon Starkoff CEO of Transparent Partners
  • “God’s Love relies on the strengths and resources of the private and public sectors to support our critical and life-affirming work for our neighbors living with severe and chronic illness,” says Steven Marion, Director of Volunteer Services & Special Events. “It’s an honor to work with 750 corporate and community volunteer groups each year to help us achieve our urgent mission. It is because of these partnerships and incredible volunteers that we can accomplish so much for so many of our most vulnerable neighbors.”
    Steve Marion, Director of Volunteer Services & Special Events at God's Love We Deliver
  • “It’s an honor to engage with some of our most active, generous, and impassioned donors on a daily basis. I get a thrill knowing that these donors are connecting to teachers and classrooms on DonorsChoose.org and showing their support through their donations as well as their words of encouragement on each teacher’s project. It’s through these personal connections that we’re able to bring so many resources to public school classrooms across the nation.”
    Andie Safon, Manager, Donor Relationships at DonorsChoose.org
  • “One of LiveIntent’s core values is to Put People First. Change in advertising and marketing technology is a constant: new initiatives, new products, new rules to the ecosystem and we’ve learned to become experts in handling change. This skill has extended to our culture, where we are committed to social change and evolving our operations for the better. Over the past few months alone, we have held internal events sponsored by our women’s group, introduced a diversity and inclusion group to the company and our recruiting and retention efforts remain focused on creating a welcoming and fair environment for all employees. We continue to execute against what’s best for our customers, including publishers whose journalism provides an important resource to our society. We care about the quality of our work, we care about helping our peers succeed, we care about being a good workplace role model, and we care about helping our clients thrive in a changing environment.”
    Lauren Zion, VP, Revenue Operations at LiveIntent
  • “You don’t have to be a senior leader to drive social impact within your organization. Ideas that come from team members that are in the trenches of the daily operation often resonate the most because these people have a deep understanding of what makes their colleagues tick. Speak up when you’re the minority at the table and listen when you’re in the majority.”
    Meg Runeari, Global SVP, Ad Operations at Teads
  • “It is incredible to see our partners not just donating socks, but actually sitting down with our neighbors and getting to know them on a human level. With our partners, companies are not just opening their hearts, but their homes to share a meal together with our neighbors in their office headquarters. The best thing we can give to our neighbors is humanity and dignity and we do this through shared meals together. We are so grateful for our partners who have opened their homes to their neighbors.”
    Adina Lichtman, Founder at Knock Knock Give a Sock
  • “Today’s consumers are putting their money where their values are. They buy from, work for, and invest in companies with a purpose. Nearly 70% of consumers aren’t aware of brands’ cause efforts and stories about their making a positive impact on the world are still relatively rare. At WarnerMedia Impact we believe if you’re changing the world – the world should know it.”
    Mary Sculley, VP of Client Strategy at WarnerMedia Impact