Givsly 2019 Annual Benefit Corporation Report

Givsly, formerly Lucky Forks, is a social impact company that believes that professionals can do business and do good at the same time. Givlsy creates turn-key ways that busy professionals can tap into the resources that they already have to create social impact. Whether our users are utilizing our experiences team or our social impact meeting platform – we make giving back easy but impactful. 

In 2019, Givsly focused on providing turn key events through our GiveMe5 program (now Givlsy5) and custom events for the advertising and marketing community. The programs encouraged companies within the advertising community to shift 5% of entertainment budgets to entertainment that involved social impact. Scheduled events were held quarterly beginning in May and custom events were scheduled based on demand. The team worked with 15 companies via our programs throughout the year. We were also able to facilitate financial donations to 5 nonprofit organizations. 

As a third party standard, we selected B Labs’ “B Impact Assessment” tool to assess Givsly’s performance in providing public benefit and overall performance in being a purpose led company. 

Our first B Corp assessment score resulted in an 84.4 out of 200, which is average for a business of our size and age. 

Looking toward 2020, Givsly plans to provide tools that aggressively provide impact to business professionals through our public platform, Givsly. We will continue to also provide experiences that help our customers think differently about how their current resources can produce social good.


Chad Hickey 
Founder and CEO, Givsly