Custom Partner Experiences
Custom Partner Experiences bring together clients and partners to give back to the community while strengthening business relationships. These experiences are custom to your clients’ core values and causes they care most about. As the partner, you are the sponsor of the volunteer day and get access to join in with your clients. This opportunity deepens partner relationships through a more intimate experience that gives back.

Case Studies

Wavemaker and Undertone Volunteer Experience supporting Dare2B
“Thanks to Dare2B and Givsly, our team had an eye opening experience meeting and spending time with the amazing children of the Family Center. The success and impact of the event has motivated us to continue to give back to our community and get the rest of Undertone involved.”

—- Jaimee Schuster, Account Executive, Undertone

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to engage with younger individuals; fostering empowerment and confidence through the lens of cosmetics.”

—Tara Sadlak, Senior Director, Maybelline at Wavemaker