As we all begin to come to terms with life during and after COVID-19, the one thing we do know is that business will never be the same. When Givsly launched as Lucky Forks over a year and half ago, it was our mission to provide simple ways for our community to form deeper relationships with one another while giving back. Now as we are isolated and think towards the future, it is clear that people have a need for community and the disruption of that is impacting business. The term  “business as usual” does not apply anymore and companies have to lead their business with a deeper sense of purpose or meaning to survive. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has reinforced what we have been saying all along. While the way in which we plan for experiences must adapt in the current climate, our experiences have always been about quality connection rooted in social impact. As we move forward, we remain committed to helping our partners transition to authentically lead their business with purpose.

Our Commitment 

  1. The Givsly Experiences Offer – Our experiences have always provided an outlet for professionals to interact while supporting the community, and they will continue to do so in this new era. Givsly is now adding a wide range of virtual experiences to our in-person offering that will allow our partners to continue to create impact together from the safety of our homes. In a world where we are all isolated, we are doing our part to bridge the path for people to connect with a deeper meaning that brings us all together. 
  1. Building a Community of Purpose – If this time has taught us anything, it is that we need to help our partners think about how they represent their own brands moving forward. While we have already started to see a shift in how businesses can help during this health crisis there is more to be done. To guide our partners, we put together specific resources to help their brands adjust to the new normal. Memberships to digital social impact communities, access to Ted speakers, workshops on how to sell in this climate will direct this community on the path towards the new way of business. 
  1. Connecting to Nonprofits in Need – Nonprofit organizations have always needed our support, but right now they cannot do this alone. COVID-19 has inundated our lives and the health care systems, but it has also had a trickle down effect onto every nonprofit organization that relies on fundraising events, surplus of volunteers and ongoing support to survive. We know the struggles our nonprofit partners are facing so we are going to highlight them in spotlight features, panel discussions and awareness experiences. If you are looking for additional ways to help, reach out to and we will connect you to nonprofits in need.

When I set out in a career of corporate events I knew there would be challenges, but no one could predict that the inability to interact in-person would be one of them. As we press forward, we have to identify this new landscape, adapt to it and provide solutions for how we continue to stay connected. The Givsly experiences will remain a resource to provide that outlet for more meaningful connections while supporting the community. While this health crisis might feel like a short term effect, we know that it will be the push that businesses needed to create a long term impact. Our sense of community will be redefined and strengthened with more meaningful interaction that is purpose led going forward.