You can now use Givsly Donation Offer links anywhere you connect in business.

Drive greater business response and engagement

with email outreach, client appreciation, event

engagement, webinar attendance, product

feedback and more. 


Revenue driving teams are using Givsly Donation Offer links to produce better business results. See how. 

Client outreach

Drive two times the response rate with email outreach

  1. Incorporate a Donation Offer link into your email outreach to break through the email clutter with new prospects
  2. Reconnect with existing contacts that have been slow to respond by offering a donation via a Donation Offer link
  3. Begin your sales pitch by showing generosity via a Donation Offer link QR Code

Client appreciation

Create a more impactful customer thank you by showing shared values

  1. Substitute material gifts for a more meaningful donation via a Donation Offer link
  2. Research your customer’s values by supporting a cause important to them via a Donation Offer link
  3. Send a follow up thank you email that offers a Donation Offer link to a cause important to your corporate values 

Event engagement

Incorporate more sustainable incentives for event and content interaction

  1. Replace unwanted conference swag with a Donation Offer link QR codes
  2. Capture webinar engagement by providing a Donation Offer link QR Code to scan during your thought leadership
  3. Offer a Givsly Donation Offer link when potential customer sign up to your event or download a white paper

React to world events

Quickly incorporate impact into business interactions when communities need it most

  1. In moments of crisis, quickly create a Donation Offer link to include in business outreach 
  2. Select monthly causes to support via a Donation Offer link to amplify your corporate focus and culture
  3. Report on your community impact by aggregating the impact from your Donation Offer links 


Ready to make an impact on your business goals and community? 

Build your Givsly Donation Offer links in less than 30 seconds.